Dear Nurse Colleagues,

For 29 years, the Medical Surgical Nursing Conference was offered to you, in the spring of each year in San Francisco. In 2020, a pandemic forced us to put the 30th Annual Conference on hold, and in 2021 we made the hard decision to no longer hold future conferences.

The decision was very difficult as we loved putting on the conference, and our post-conference evaluations showed that you loved attending it. Our speakers were always excellent, providing insightful, practical knowledge for a wide range of Med-Surg patients. We will miss providing a place for them to contribute to the nursing knowlege of the thousands of you who attended over the years.  We also loved seeing the camraderie and networking that happened at our conference, and hope that you will seek out other opportunities to attend in-person conferences and classes throughout your careers.

On behalf of the Planning Committe –

Thank you for making this Medical Surgical Nursing Conference a success. We will miss you all.


Spotlight on our speakers